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Installing Elance Tracker on Arch Linux X64

Elance provides a time tracker application that is required to work hourly jobs. It supports Linux, so I was not expecting a problem getting it to work.


The tracker is available to download under Resources –> Widgets & Tools –> Elance Tools

Click the clock button, for me it said “Loading…”

Select RPM then Download

Extract the RPM

Install rpmextract

# pacman -S rpmextract

Put the TrackerSetup.rpm file in a seperate folder. I named mine elance-tracker. Extract the files from TrackerSetup.rpm

$ TrackerSetup.rpm

You should see new folders named etc opt and usr.

Try to run Tracker

Navigate to opt/Tracker/bin

$ cd opt/Tracker/bin

Run the file Tracker

$ ./Tracker

Oops permission denied. Set the file to exectuable.

$ chmod +x ./Tracker

Now when you run the file, you will be greeted with some friendly error messages. First we will address the error of not finding Adobe AIR

This application requires a version of Adobe AIR which cannot be


Please download the latest version of the runtime from,
or contact the application author for an updated version.

Install adobe-air and adobe-air-sdk from the aur using your favorite method. I use yaourt.

$ yaourt -S adobe-air adobe-air-sdk

Run Tracker again

$ ./Tracker

The same error appears! How can this be?

The program is looking for Adobe AIR in the wrong place. To fix this create a symbolic link that points to the Adobe AIR runtime in the place Tracker expects to find it.

# ln -s /opt/adobe-air-sdk/runtimes/air/linux/Adobe\ AIR/ /opt/Adobe\ AIR

Run Tracker again

$ ./Tracker

A new error appears! This is because you have not accepted the Adobe AIR EULA. To do this, run the following

echo -n 2 > ~/.appdata/Adobe/AIR/eulaAccepted

A big thank you to the ArchWiki page about Adobe AIR Running binaries that use AIR